Online Payday Loan celebrates Christmas with competitions for wellness and mobile phone

The competition for a mobile phone is for all clients – this means that anyone who takes out a loan with an Online Payday loan can participate in it, regardless of whether this is the first time or for the first time.

In order to participate, you must be an adult citizen of the Czech Republic with a fixed income. You may not have other overdue loans. In short, you must meet all the rules for drawing a non-bank loan with this company.

Everyone with an approved and duly repaid a loan with a drawdown in the period from 3 December to 22 December 2018 will then have the opportunity to win.

What exactly is playing with Online Payday loan?

What exactly is playing with Online Payday loan?

The operator of the Online Payday loan brand and also the organizer of this competition is Kontex Trade International, sro, which has 6 smartphones prepared for the winners and wellness stay in a luxury hotel for two persons for 3 days.

The winners will be announced on 23 December 2018 at 16:00 on the Online Payday loan website. Those who draw the 30th, 60th, 90th, 120th, 150th and 180th loans after the announcement of the event will win the phone. The first prize, a wellness stay, will then be awarded to the client with the largest amount of repaid loans at the end of the competition.

Microloan with a discount for regular and new customers

Micro loan with discount for regular and new customers

However, the competition for wellness or mobile is not the only event that Online Payday loan offers during Christmas. Customers can also easily get a discount on fees. However, they must enter a special Christmas code. The discount applies to both new and existing clients. New customers still have a little advantage and get a slightly larger discount, specifically 75%. People who have already taken a micro-loan with Online Payday loan will still receive a very beautiful 50% discount.

Applying a discount is very easy.

When applying for a loan, just fill in the discount code. New customers fill in the VANOCE75 application form. Others may use the code VANOCE50.

A representative example for new clients

What will a loan for new clients look like at a discount? In the case of a loan of USD 15,000 for 28 days, you would normally pay a fee of USD 4,297 with APR 3418.31%. All in all, you would have to send a total installment of 19 711, 50 USD after 28.

With the Christmas discount, however, the fee will be reduced to 1 074 USD and APR to 243, 27%. The total installment will be only 16 489 USD.

A representative example of a recurring loan

A representative example of a recurring loan

If you are already taking your micro-loan with Online Payday loan, you will spend a little more on it, even in the case of a Christmas discount. The company gives a representative example of the total amount of a $ 10,000 micro-loan for a period of 28 days.

In this case, the client pays the fee for the provision of the loan in the amount of 2867, -USD with an annual interest rate of 36% and APR 3426.44%. In total, you will repay the loan for USD 3143.16 and the amount you pay together will be USD 13143.16.