The insurance of personal belongings and credit card pays off

You take a bus in Prague. Many people are crowded around you. You are trying to keep track of your personal belongings. When you get out and reach for your wallet in your backpack, it’s gone. Anger mixes with regret. The credit card is gone, cash is also, the documents are just as much. All we have to do is go to the nearest police station.

When one has a bad idea

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This is exactly the story that happened to me last fall. I drove around six o’clock in the evening with a bus No. 136 home. Backpack with personal belongings removed from the back and turned to the side to keep track of it. Shopping bag in one hand, library book in the other. As I said before, there were a lot of people on the bus, every moment someone was rubbing around me. Still, I thought I had an overview of everything around me.

When I got off the bus on Bohdalec, I finally relieved that I had not had a pleasant journey here. I put both bags on the bench at the bus station and my backpack. Oh, my backpack is open. I had a bad idea. I reach into it and my wallet nowhere. What now?

Loss of cash and other expenses

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I respond immediately. Fortunately, I have a phone elsewhere. I’m heading for the police to Michle, but that’s the headquarters, so I end up at the Nusle office. I can still block credit and credit cards by phone while walking. We are writing a protocol on the business and heading home after two hours.

Balance? Stolen 4000 USD + documents, payment and credit cards. As usual, I pay everything by card, this time I am unlucky. Shortly before my trip, I collected USD 4,000 for a single payment that was supposed to be in cash. So bad luck, besides a lot of time for furnishing and spending with various new IDs and payment and credit card, I lost 4000 USD.

I had a large wallet with space for documents. When the police at the station urged me to remember what I had in my wallet, I was surprised how much it was. And acquiring new ID cards will cost something. Not to mention the need to buy a new wallet – this time I get a smaller and a case for documents separately.

Oh, I have an insurance policy

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I realize, but also, that I concluded personal insurance and credit card insurance this summer. The fee is only USD 79 per month. That’s when a bank clerk offered it to me. I thought maybe it wasn’t bad. Although later I questioned whether this was unnecessary. Every dollar good, isn’t it just another unnecessary expense? But it might be useful now.

Therefore, I dial the insurance line of the insurance company and tell the operator what happened. Can I get some insurance compensation? The operator then explains to me what needs to be sent to the insurance company and she will assess my case.

  • Police report on the incident,
  • account statement from 48 hours before theft,
  • Account statement showing charges associated with blocking and issuing a new credit card
  • trade documents for theft-related expenses (acquisition of a new wallet, proof of issuance of new IDs, such as an ID card, etc.).
  • It is also necessary to fill in the record of the insured event.

The form, with all the details, is sent to me by email.

I send all documents by registered mail

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I fill out the form, and as soon as I have all the documents together – receipts for new ID cards, for a new wallet, police report on the incident and the police sent later that the perpetrator is unknown and of course the wallet with documents and money was not found – I send everything by registered mail.

When nothing happens for about a month, I email and then call. Are all documents okay? Did they even get them? I will finally finish my answer. Yes, they got them. They say they’ll contact me. So I find out again after another month what is happening. A PDF account statement is not enough for them, although the first official said it would be enough. They need verified. So I’m going to the bank. I have everything printed by the clerk and confirmed with the date and signature. I send by registered mail to the insurance company. I wait another month and nothing. I mail and call again. Yes, we are dealing with your claim. The papers are all and in order. We will contact you.

Insurance pays off

Insurance pays off

After almost another month, I’m a little nervous. What’s happening? Officers on the phone politely, but quite clearly scold. Don’t you think it’s a little weird that the whole thing takes so long? The clerk promises that everything will be resolved soon. Indeed, I get about fourteen days from the insurance company on account almost 5000 USD. A few days later, I get the notification that the insured event is resolved.

The mentioned amount of almost 5000 USD is broken down here – it is a replacement of stolen cash, expenses for the purchase of a new wallet, a new payment and credit card, and other ID cards.


All the costs incurred by theft are returned to me. The only shadow of the whole thing is that everything took a little time for my taste – everything was settled in about half a year. Yet, in the end, theft cost nothing but nerves and wasted time. Thanks to the insurance, I got a full refund. Therefore, I recommend having a personal belongings insurance and a credit card. It pays off, you just have to give the insurance officers a decent but sometimes a little drive…